1. momologue:


    “I hope you see that even stumbling she has more grace and elegance than a boy like you could ever hope to comprehend.
    I hope you treat her right.
    I hope you know that she’s always loved it when you bite her bottom lip.
    The stupid say a girl is made in her hips but the truth is in her eyes.
    I hope you know they’re green.”

    From the vimeo description:

    The concept of this project was to emphasize the merit of emotion. Violating public space, we juxtaposed a computer generated mp3 of Chris’ poem with Chris reciting the poems himself; the former representing substance devoid of emotion while the latter represented the epitome of it. Few people reacted to the boom box. In the best of circumstances, people would turn around, stare for a moment or two, and continue on with their business. The moment Chris filled any space with his deep voice, however, people did not only listen but they also stopped in their tracks to grasp his message. I’m amazed at the attention he commanded. 

    Words are nothing in the absence of emotion. They can be read, they can be recited, but few can really deliver the feelings behind words printed on paper. 

    (Source: kingstonhonkers)